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Meet Ron

If you asked Ron, "What's the story of your life," he'd grin and invite you over for martinis or margaritas. With charm and humor, he'd begin to explain that his southern Georgia roots gave him the sass to keep life interesting and the desire to experience the world.

A graduate of the University of George with a degree in business administration, Ron has never had an idle life. His professional career started with a lucrative business in the healthcare industry and kept him flying all over the world for several years. His drive as an entrepreneur drove him straight into business for himself. He owned and operated a medical billing company that not only kept him fed but well entertained in Southern California.

And then he turned 30.

"At 30, I evaluated my life and realized that if I did not attempt to go after one of my deepest passions, becoming a chef, I might have regrets later."

So he sold his medical billing practice and went back to school to become a Chef. He then started a catering company named KEEP OUT OF THE KITCHEN, in Los Angeles. With his high energy, he was able to also donate a lot of his personal time to the American Culinary Federation. The Los Angeles Trade Tech College allowed him to work with troubled inner-city youth, where he used his skills to teach them a trade. This trade enabled the teens/young adults who were otherwise destined for a life on the street or in gangs to have another option and a real chance for something better.

Through diligent work he was able to inspire a small group of these teens/adults to raise just over $65K. They nominated 10 of the up and coming chefs to travel to Washington D C to the American Culinary National Convention where they took 1st place in a culinary competition. This was the first event ever to be won by a California Culinary Academy.

A few years later, Ron decided to take his skills to the next level. He came to San Francisco to specialize in pastries with an advanced program at the California Culinary Academy.

"While back in San Francisco for 2 months, I realized that I could in no way return to LA as the Bay Area was where I felt was home."

He continued to Chef as the food and Beverage Director, specializing in SPA cuisine, over seeing the operations of the SF Bay Club, Telegraph Hill Club, and The SF Swim and Racquet Club.

Eventually the long hours took their toll and Ron returned back to the corporate world of healthcare software. However, his true calling came when he decided to take a shot at a third career. This time he left the cooking to the chefs and the medical world to the doctors.

Ron has spent more than 20 years in San Francisco and been a professional real estate agent since 2002. It has been a successful marriage of passion and pleasure for Ron and it shows in how he manages his business.

To hear Ron explain how process and professional policies you'd think he was giving advice on how to have a successful marriage or relationship with someone. His sense of responsibility and commitment to his clients resonate in every word and every gesture.

As a homeowner, he understands the details and knows how important paying attention to them really is.

"I care about this community and the people who are a part of it. People have to see the potential in every home but they also have to feel natural in it."

Ron's been committed to his community for two decades. He is rooted here.

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